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GCL’s Visit to The Real Junk Food Project

GCL had the privilege of visiting The Real Junk Food Project's HQ in Leeds to find out more about the business and how they are helping the environment.

On  the 20th June, we visited The Real Junk Food Project’s HQ in Leeds to speak to Keith and Kev to see what TRJFP is all about.

So… Who are they?

  • The Real Junk Food Project describe themselves as ‘a revolutionary concept designed to challenge and highlight the issues of food waste while creating inclusive environments where everyone is welcome’ and we couldn’t agree more. They take food which has been donated by different businesses which would otherwise be thrown away and create meals out of these. They have grown from receiving 11-12 tonnes of waste a year to 650 tonnes.

What do they do?

  • TRJFP have a number of different operations which include: Pay as you feel cafe’s, a low-budget catering service, food markets within schools for parents and teacher training to educate those on the issues of food waste.
  • TRJFP notice the importance of children getting a decent hot meal at school and at home. They have contracts with schools all around Leeds and Bradford and work closely with 50 schools.
  • They send donated food to the schools so that parents can ‘pay as they feel’ and get ingredients to ensure their children have nutritious meals at home.

TRJFP emphasise that they want to help everyone, no matter what background they come from.

In order to continue their amazing work, they need more support…

How you can help:

  • Send unwanted food from your business… TRJFP picks up this food and can save your business landfill costs!
  • Donating: PAYF10 to 70070 followed by your amount. Or there are several gofundme pages for different locations.
  • Volunteering: the more help the better! Visit their website to find out how you can volunteer.
  • Share their story! The more people that know about this charity, the better!

The UK throws away around £13bn worth of food waste each year which equates to 7.3m tonnes of household waste, 4.4m of this was actually deemed edible. In order to look out for our planet and to also help those in need, think about what you could do to help as even small things make big differences!

Furthermore, you can also visit their wesbite:

The Real Junk Food Project Mascot
The Real Junk Food Project Logo

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August 9, 2017