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GCL Food Ingredients are able to manufacture, cook and supply premium quality sausages for both Industrial and Foodservice customers.

We offer a flexible process where we can match recipes to your current products or showcase our own great portfolio of flavours and products perfect for various different applications

Our sausage’s can be packed IQF in bulk and can be microwaved or reheated dependent on application. The cooking process you choose is programmed to maintain consistency across every batch with full traceability on meat.

Sausages are available in cooked or raw format, can be sliced upon request for different applications.

Select Authentic Italian Range

  • Basilicata Dolce Sausage
  • Basilicata Piccante Sausage
  • Lucanica Sausage
  • Nduja Sausage
  • Pork and Chianti Sausage
  • Sicilian Sausage
  • Tuscan Style Sausage

Bespoke Range

  • Pork and Cranberry
  • Pork, Apple and Mint
  • Wild boar, apple and whiskey

These are a few select recipes that we have developed, but we can work directly with your NPDs in order to achieve the perfect product to your liking.