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FeedTim – An Insight Into Our Factory

We invited a talented food blogger Tim Phedon to our factory in April. His experience at our site inspired him to create a video for his viewers. Have a watch as he explores the production of our factory's fresh tagliatelle and basilicata sausage and watch how he brings them together in our NPD kitchen to cook up a tasty lunch with our chefs.

We were lucky enough to work with a very talented food blogger Tim Phedon last month. He goes by the name of FeedTim and has created a video for his site called ‘Inside The Factory’.

The video will give you a visual insight into our manufacturing capabilities and the magic that happens in our NPD kitchen on a daily basis.

The video focuses on two of our manufactured products; fresh egg tagliatelle and our famous Basilicata sausage.

If you require any information after watching this video or want to find out more about our factory or products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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June 6, 2017