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GCL Wins a PAPA Award Again!

GCL is proud to announce that we have won the PAPA Award for 'Best New Foodservice Manufactured Product' for our Wild Boar and Pancetta Tortelloni.

GCL Food Ingredients are proud to announce that we have won the PAPA Award for ‘Best New Food Service Manufactured Product of the Year’… Again!!!

This win comes after a successful exhibition at the European Pizza and Pasta Show that took place at the Olympia London. We won the PAPA Award for our Wild Boar and Pancetta Tortelloni.

Wild boar has a nutty, sweet and intense flavour whilst being much leaner and colourful compared to pork.

This meat was traditionally found in the Lombardy region. However, it is starting to emerge in the UK with its “accidental”  farming reintroduction with populations existing in Scotland, Kent, East Sussex and Devon. This means, what has traditionally been an Italian region delicacy has now become a growing UK market which captures numerous trends such as “punchy protein”, “historical eats” and “regional pride”.

We are very proud of the team as a lot of development work went into making the product the award-winning product it is now.

We would also like to congratulate Tesco for winning “Pasta Retailer Award”. This award recognises those supermarkets which are actively driving sales of pasta.

If you spoke to us at the exhibition and wish to sample our ‘award-winning’ pasta or any other of our fabulous products, please feel free to get in touch!

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November 22, 2018