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For GCL, New Product Development forms the basis of innovation.
Our aim is to deliver “The Chef’s Choice”.

Our NPD aim is to overcome obstacles to find solutions to your requirements with our resources and expertise being a key benefit to our customers.

The GCL name has become synonymous with service and for us, NPD forms the basis of innovation. Through this, we aim to deliver ” The Chef’s Choice”.

We are happy to work with you from starting out, through to becoming a leading food manufacturer or restaurant chain. No project is too small and we have the flexibility and responsive which you need from a supplier. At the same time, we have the capacity to deal with the largest food operations to ensure consistency every time in your products.

Everything we do is designed to offer maximum benefits to our customers. This is how we have built our business and maintained enduring relationships with some of the UK’s most respected companies. We believe that we have the facilities, staff, supply base, knowledge and enthusiasm to meet or exceed both you and your customer’s requirements.

Our customers seek clean and defined recipes, with a point of difference. We help achieve that goal by working with NPD teams, discussing requirements and assessing options at the outset of any project. The results our development chefs achieve are outstanding, proven by our continuous successes and the loyal relationships we have with our customers.

Our ability to work through unlimited rounds of feedback with your chef’s and NPD teams means that you will always end up with the perfect product with brilliant flavour profiles. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround with samples and understand your needs as a customer. It is our duty to be engaging, creative and responsive to stay ahead of our competitors.