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Cooked Pasta

We thrive on our ability to be a versatile and flexible pasta provider.

Through our own Cook Quench Chill (CQC) facilities, we are able to supply a variety of pasta products. We share the view with our customers that “quality pasta just has to be Italian” hence this is the only dry pasta that we use.

As specialists in the pasta industry, we provide a bespoke service to customers of varying sizes. This means that our pasta can be packed in either bulk – 2/5kg bags or in individual sachet portioned controlled bags. This pasta can be ordered in a chilled or IQF format. For us, flexibility is key and we cook pasta to exactly how the customer requires.

]Our stringent technical standards and high standards of hygiene mean that our pasta is not just ready to heat but it is ready to eat. Our highly developed technical and quality management system ensures that our pasta is suitable for pasta salads and on the go restaurants. Our cooked pasta is suitable for salads, ready meals and for retorting.

Our automated sachet line is able to provide portion-controlled cooked IQF pasta ready to be reheated in only 35 seconds in either a microwave or pasta cooker. These provide you with efficiency savings and the perfect cook time every time in order to streamline your process.

The automated system gives you the exact cook consistency every time and we will work with you to find the perfect cook time for your end user. This means there is no need to worry about consistency from store to store. Along with this, selecting to use a cooked product cuts waste, reduces waiting time for your customers and allows you to focus your resources on adding value to the final dish solution.