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Filled Pasta

Our filled pasta are manufactured using Italian 00 flour, durum semolina and Italian eggs, all imported from our partners in Italy. All fillings are prepared on site with no artificial colours or preservatives used.

We have a vast array of sizes and fills bespoke to all of your requirements. Our bespoke offering means pasta fillings can be made to your specification with our NPD teams working closely with you to create the best product possible.

Shapes we can offer

  • Cannelloni
  • Girasole
  • Mezzaluna
  • Quadrotti
  • Ravioli (Larger and Small)
  • Tortellini
  • Tortelloni

Popular Fills include

  • Spinach & Ricotta
  • Butternut Squash
  • Goats Cheese and Red Pepper
  • Porcini and Mushroom
  • Four Cheese
  • Wild Boar Ragu
  • Beetroot and Pecorino

Bespoke Range

  • Beef & Truffle
  • Butternut, Gruyere & Sage
  • Langoustine & Zucchuni
  • Lobster & Tarragon
  • Butternut, Goats Cheese & Spinach
  • Chestnut, Pancetta & Rosemary
  • 5 Cheese & Nduja

We are able to offer a variety of pack sizes to meet your requirements. Our latest innovation involves the creation of a range of microwaveable tortellini and ravioli available in 150gr IQF sachets. This new product demonstrates our commitment to developing new concepts for our customers’ needs.