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How is Social Media Changing the Hospitality Trade?

Our phones now act as online encyclopedias with the latest trends and reviews at our fingers tips. So how is the food service industry incorporating this into their business?
Social Media Habits

Currently, 93% of UK consumers currently own a smart phone. This enables them to reconnect with friends, check the latest deals and catch up on the latest Netflix series whilst commuting to work.

Under 50% of smartphone users will actively participate in social media. This was  originally created for sharing photos, opinions and creating events. Now, it has become an online encyclopedia about the latest trends.

Social Media in Restaurants

Diners are able to research, share and capture the latest restaurants and offers. However will  complain through social media  when customer service is not up to par. This means that some restaurants are having an active social media presence to shape consumer relations without a heavy investment.

Instagram Worthy Dishes

Instagram  users, as consumers, are capturing their experiences and sharing with followers via “#food”. In order to get more likes, consumers are now demanding Instagram worthy foods. This creates the need for an Instagram friendly environment.  This is seen with hip restaurants creating  “Instagram kit” which includes a selfie stick, mood lighting and a 10% discount card when you post to Instagram. This kit will give free and credible advertising to a network of consumers that influences and supports future branding.

Are Phones the Future?

Restaurants are eliminating the middle man through applications, where customers are able to order, specify requirements and split the bill. This creates ease for not only the consumer but also the restaurant.

On the other hand, some chains of restaurants are banning the use of phones to encourage consumers to experience the restaurants themselves.

This movement into social media has significantly changed the hospitality trade regardless if the consumer participates or not.

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July 6, 2018