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How is Technology Evolving In The Food Service Sector?

As the Food People predict that technology will become a key pillar in the foodservice sector, GCL looks at how technology is evolving.

Today, technology is now an integral part of how a successful food service operates. Nevertheless, there is a  constant evolution in digital solutions to resolve profitability and operational issues.

As consumers start to take enjoyment in how much technology is advancing and how convenient it has made our lives, they are now questioning whether it has gone too far.  70% of consumers fear that robots will take over.

Dark Kitchens

82% of Brits are ordering takeaway meaning that Deliveroo and Uber Eats are diversifying their product offering.

In 2018, we saw the rise of dark kitchens and virtual restaurants. This enables a restaurant that has spare capacity to make use of the space by creating an online-only menu under a different name. This is currently being used by dominant players such as TRG and CDG. Although a customer is unable to pick up the order, it still has strong influences. Customers are now asking for faster deliveries meaning investments may be made for automation such as flipping burgers and AI programs to decide cooking orders.

App Technology

Consumers are now being encouraged to pay through their mobile phones through applications. This is seen with Pizza Express, Prezzo, Wagamama and Giraffe. However, these brands must recognise that third-party apps are making a stand for themselves in the restaurant arena.

Consumers now demand to make educated choices regarding calorie content in restaurants. As the UK government sets an agenda for restaurant meals to be under 600 calories, apps have been created. Nutrifix simplifies the menu information and goes beyond calorie counting to give full nutritional information.

Drone Delivery

Uber has recently announced that in 2021 there will be plans for drone delivery automated delivery systems and driverless automobiles. However, with many laws and implication of drone usage in the last few months, Uber will need to think strategically about the use of drones.

The use of robots may also be used in a restaurant facility as a food runner. This would not eliminate the use of employees but enhance customer experience and interaction.

Amazon Alexa

The use of voice-activated speaker enables a consumer to order their favourite takeaway. In addition, they are also able to have full tracking of the delivery driver and the ability to leave a review all through voice commands.

Brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominoes are exploring this unique way of ordering. However, the foodservice industry needs to be cautious about how much the industry depends on such services.

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March 7, 2019